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end of the year reflection...

The reason I took this class was so I could learn things about editing and making movies it is cool to do and we learn different ways to edit a film there’s a lot of different programs you can use to make the editing process be successful. I learned how to put music in the film and work the camera very well



  One of the projects I have worked on was Amor desecho mi Vida loca our hello kitty project the purpose on the hello kitty project was a stop motion we had to find take a picture in each step we took its pretty frustrating to do because it takes time to finish but at the end it comes out really cool.



   The thing that im proud of finishing was the hello kitty project becouse it was mine and lindas ideas and we worked on it by ourselves and it came out so fresh. And we finish really fast and we worked hard on it.



   One of the things I learned is how to work in teams and have patience with other people and learn how to edit and make everything look cool I think this class is really cool I had a lot of fun this year in this class the people were really funny and nice Toby was very patient with all of us, and really nice.


     I think I did good maybe I just need it a little more participation but overall I did a good job with all the work that it was put to do I hope next year the classes would be cool like this year really looking forward to it.