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Spring Final Essay:Math 2A

      Spring final reflective assay


     The name of my class was math 2a.

The teacher of my class Vikkie  she was very cool. In this class we learn about fractions about numbers mixed fractions decimal point common fractions reduced fractions.

  One of the new things I learned in this class was  mostly everything because I didn’t know anything before o I forgot other things that I have learned before.

  I found this class to be challenging because math dosent work for me its hard for me to do math its hard to understand.

   I didn’t have a least favorite topic because I was down to learn everything even if it was hard.

  I also didn’t have a favorite topic becuz I thought it nwas all hard bt it wasent that bad.
  what i would change would be to do more of ma work so i could get an a A+ .this class over all was very cool  i have fun with my peers .. this class woul be better if we had more math games.